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Pricing Sheet


Pricing Sheet

Thanks for your interest in working with Good Era! Below you’ll find a general price for several different types of videos that we create. These are by no means set in stone, as we quote custom per project, but it should provide a good starting point.

Don’t see the type of video you need listed? No worries, just send us a message and we will let you know if we can make it happen!

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We shoot high-end commercial spots for businesses both large and small, and are along for each and every step of the process; from ideation to final delivery. This can include commercials for certain products, brand stories, etc, and is shot using cinema gear.

$4,000 +


Educational & Social media content

Educational videos are used to explain complicated topics/services, but also prove useful in showcasing your business’s expertise. Social Media Content can mean a lot of different things, let us know what you need shot and we’ll give you a quote!

$1,200 - $2,500 (bulk discounts available)

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This is a broad category, but for a good reason! Each Documentary is unique, and that’s what makes them fun to shoot. We have shot Docs in the Canadian Rockies and all the way around the world in Malawi, Africa.

$1,000 +

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We have the ability to create music videos, in-studio recording sessions, and documentary style promo material for bands and artists.

$1,000 +

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Film Production

We have directed, shot and produced films right here in the Midwest, and are able to assist on sets for both short and feature length productions.

Custom quote per project